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Application Development

Title: Lead Systems Analyst

Duration: 6 Month Contract

Location: Remote


The Lead Systems Analyst will provide consultation as a solutions provider to business leaders, end users, Customers and technical resources. The individual will play key roles across many disciplines of the Software Development Lifecycle including project management, requirements gathering, business process design, system functional design, system technical design, quality assurance, support, and implementation. This role also assists and mentors more junior team members with more complex aspects of their role. The system solutions require the analyst to provide expertise is a variety of technologies including enterprise software products, web applications, desktop applications, database systems, and business intelligence tools.


Demonstrated ability to influence process change within a software development team

Champion of iterative design/develop/test/release

Continuous improvement mindset yet empathetic toward the team that is transitioning

Always looking for the next improvement for the team

Understands how to incrementally introduce process changes (not a bull in a china shop)

Able to identify the most valuable process change to tackle next

Demonstrated ability to quickly learn new apps through hands on exploration of the app

Having done this multiple times in their career

Curious and not satisfied until they are a Subject Matter Expert

Able to recognize when they have found the root cause and self motivated to dig until they do

Experience designing large features that introduce business process changes

Including mocking up of UI/UX and documenting detailed business requirements

Experience working with a development team to break large features into ITERATIVE deliverables

iterative as opposed to incremental

Note: Many analysts have experience working with users to make minor iterative improvements to existing systems where the user explains the desired change(s) but not as many have the ability to design large new features independently and then break those down into iterative deliverables that produce value along the way

Demonstrated ability to use visuals like process flows and mock-ups to gain alignment across multiple groups

Experience building and maintaining an organized backlog of Features and User Stories

Expert communicator having demonstrated the ability to bring clarity to both the development team and business stakeholders

Clarity on both functionality and timeline


Leadership – 10%

• Manages the largest, most complex, and most time-sensitive projects

• Mentor junior team members in their communication with business.

• Reviews work of more junior team members to provide feedback on accuracy, succinctness, and alternate solutions.

• Mentors junior team members in handling more technically complex systems and designs and communicating those to development teams.

• Aides in the implementation of changes to IT general controls processes related to auditing, monitoring, approvals and validation.

• Assists junior team members with SQL needs related to their roles but beyond their expertise.

Business Partnership/Engagement – 40%

• Leads Requirements Gathering sessions to formulate and define objectives using various research and fact-finding techniques, such as story mapping, prototyping, questionnaires, surveys, interviews, sampling, observation, working sessions, and walkthroughs.

• Develops and maintains a prioritized backlog of business needs in the form of User Stories.

• Translates User Stories into workflow and procedural changes and specifications for system modifications.

• Prepares functional, system and technical program specifications and requirements using a structured approach.

• Ensures requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise, traceable, unambiguous and verifiable and that they conform to defined standards.

• Clearly communicates business needs to development teams in an organized and timely manner using the principles of lean agile software development.

• Develops and maintains system and business process documentation.

• Works with software developers to help them understand requirements and to ensure the completeness and accuracy of related documents and specifications.

• Provides end-user notification and training for new or changed system functionality either in person, through documentation, or through web-based training.

Technical Partnership/Engagement – 40%

• Works within an agile framework to facilitate development teams consistently delivering business value in an environment with rapidly growing business needs.

• Applies business and technology expertise to improve business processes and support critical system strategies.

• Maintains a development team backlog by writing User Stories and facilitating User Story refining sessions.

• Designs solutions to business needs across multiple IT systems and technology stacks.

• Clearly and concisely communicates business needs and proposed solutions to development teams through a combination of methods (verbal, written, and visual) appropriate to the need.

• Develops and maintains system and business process documentation.

• Participates in Quality Assurance cycles and executes testing to ensure applications satisfy end user requirements using a standard process and testing methodology.

• Actively participates in reviews of specifications, requirements, etc. to develop, document and implement repeatable test plans.

• Works with end users and developers to proactively diagnose problems through research, analysis, and understanding of requirements.

• Participates in technical design reviews to help identify issues early in the development lifecycle.

• Provide input into database design as it relates to how the design meets functional business needs.

• Utilizes advanced SQL skills to run database queries to gain an understanding of system behavior and usage.

• Works closely with the Manager, IT Delivery Solutions to assist in management and planning of IT projects.

• Works closely with other IT teams to plan work effectively.

• Works within IT policies and procedures to ensure compliance to regulatory controls including but not limited to SOX.

• Aides in the IT general controls processes related to auditing, monitoring, approvals and validation.

Production Support – 10%

• Diagnoses and manages software defects and system anomalies to a successful resolution.

• Consults with end-users concerning corrective actions as needed in a calm and professional manner.

On-Demand Group is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. All wage/salary ranges are dependent on experience, educational requirements, and other job-related criteria.

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    • Location: Remote
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