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Title: DevOps Engineer – Azure – Regulatory & Compliance

Duration: 3 Months

Location: Remote

Position Description

As a DevOps Engineer – Azure, you will be responsible for the design, deployment, integration, implementation, automation, and optimization of DevOps processes and workflows. You will focus on Azure cloud services, CI/CD build, and deployment automation. You will play a critical role in ensuring the organization’s efficiency, scalability, seamless deployment, management, and reliability of cloud-based applications and services. You will partner closely with IT development, cloud operations, and architecture teams to automate processes, optimize performance, and streamline our software delivery pipeline. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining application tools that build, deploy, automate, and streamline source code management and the software delivery process.

  • Design and implement scalable and secure Azure solutions that align with business requirements. Leverage knowledge of Azure services and architecture and best practices with all Azure solutions.
  • Automate build processes, environment setups, testing scripts, deployments, production operational metrics, and debugging information for cloud developers.
  • Configure and maintain Azure cloud PaaS to ensure availability, performance, scalability, and security of development, testing, and production environments through automation of scripts and configuration management tools.
  • Maintain expertise in the deployment of integrated or standalone releases across multiple interconnected and dispersed cloud applications.
  • Partner with development and cloud engineering teams to optimize the software delivery pipeline, ensuring smooth and efficient releases.
  • Follow the development team’s standards to create and manage an automated DevOps release management pipeline which delivers tooling for next-generation application development efforts and ongoing production operations.
  • Manage and maintain Azure cloud infrastructure, ensuring proper configuration and security measures are maintained.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for deploying applications and infrastructure within Azure DevOps, automating multiple projects’ building, testing, and deployment processes.
  • Monitor cloud environment health and drive improvements to enhance reliability, availability, and performance.
  • Provide technical support and troubleshoot issues related to Azure infrastructure, services, and deployments to IT development teams.
  • Establish workflows that use the automated pipeline for CI and CD.
  • Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles using YAML, ARM templates, Bicep, or other relevant tools, to automate the provisioning and management of Azure cloud resources.
  • Design and implement advanced deployment strategies, including Blue/Green, Canary, and A/B testing, to minimize downtime and risks during application updates.
  • Ensure all code/technical configurations and other work products are thoroughly unit-tested prior to delivery. Adhere to all SDLC and technology architecture requirements. Contribute to architecture design principles and standards, as appropriate.
  • Proactively identify and communicate potential problems and issues to project team members and leaders. Proactively identify alternatives and recommended solutions for implementation, as needed.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation, guidelines, and DevOps knowledge base articles to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration within the team.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science preferred; demonstrated experience may be considered in lieu of degree.


Required Experience

  • At least five years of experience in a DevOps Engineer role with at least three years of experience focusing on Azure DevOps CI/CD, YAML, C#, and Azure Cloud services.
  • Proficiency in Azure DevOps for setting up and managing complex CI/CD pipelines, incorporating various build and release stages. Advanced knowledge of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles and tools, such as YAML, Bicep, ARM templates, and Terraform.
  • Strong expertise in monitoring and optimizing the performance of cloud-based applications and infrastructure.
  • Proven track record of implementing best practices for security, compliance, and data protection in cloud environments.
  • Experience with Azure DevOps governance – groups, permissions, security, branch policies, and security.
  • Experience in implementing full lifecycle DevOps automation, including Configurations management, Build Automation, Release Management, Development automation, and Infrastructure management.
  • Advanced programming skills in C# and scripting languages such as PowerShell or Bash.
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum tools such as Azure DevOps, Jira, etc.


 Preferred Experience

  • Tooling and Automation: Source, Build/Test/Scan, Artifacts, Deploy Environments, Lifecycles, Application Boundaries, and Release Orchestration.
  • Reusable Steps and Scripting.
  • Working experience with infrastructure as code-driven through CI/CD pipelines.
  • Templating, Modularity, Idempotency, and Reusability.
  • Provisioning & Configuration Management.
  • Experience provisioning and managing infrastructure with code.
  • Terraform HCL, JSON, Bash v4+.
  • Azure Cosmos, Service Bus, Event Hubs, logic apps, function apps. Experience with databases (SQL or NoSQL) and Data Integrations.




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